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Saturday, June 01, 2013

hey JUNE!

1st- Muiz birthday party
2nd- KIL movie
3rd- R&R day
4th- Study
5th- Study
6th- Study
7th- Study
8th- Study
9th- Study
10th- Final exam
11th- 1st countdown
12th- Work on station
13th- Final exam
14th- Food hunt 
15th- Discussion room
16th- Library
17th- Hostel apps
18th- Countdown 2more papers
19th- Final exam
20th- Start packing
21st- Last day
22nd- Home sweet home
23rd- Shopping
24th- Puasa nisfu sya'ban
25th- food
26th- movie
27th- food
28th- Broga hill
29th- TeenAce @ centrum hall
30th- KOSAMA @ ukm

p/s: so happy holiday everybody. Enjoy to the fullest!
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