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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crazy Potato time !!!

pada 16 mac yang lalu, AIZAT telah menghabiskan masa dengan makan di Crazy Potato di the gardens mall. what a surprise is, the dining area and the concept of design these shop that super awesome lah! *excited face. sebab nye, saya first time makan dekat sini, sehinggakan boleh lepak2 sampai 2jam lebih kott. okay tempat ni mmg best utk ruang gossip, i mean in private session that you want lah. not only gossips matter, u can chitchat and spending ur teatime here with your pan-pals.

Baiklah, nak kongsi makanan yg saya cuba di Crazy Potato:

1. Crazy Cheddars with Strawberry Mayo and Crazy Honey topping, (9.90 + 6.90 myr) 
2. Queen's Mashed Potato with Cheese and Chicken Gravy, (4.90 myr)
3. Squid Crunch (8.90 myr)

I noticed that this new shop next to BreadStory, dia mcm FastFood outlet yang serve fries with variety of dipping sauce. haa cerita pasal sauces dia, banyak gila perasa dorang ada. contoh: 1.Lady marmalade, 2. Strawberry mayo, 3. Pizza-pizza, 4. Crazy meaty, 5. Wasabi mayo, 6. Pickle mayo, 7. Sour cremio. saya suker cisssss, muehehehe.

kedai fast food Crazy Potato ni  ade 7 outlet kat Klang Valley area nie. For more info, click here Crazy Potato. dkat website dia ada citer pasal the location of the outlet and the menu serves there.

p/s: i really enjoy and thanks for the treat :)

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