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Sunday, January 15, 2012


i'm so dead tired of all of this
i'll just write it in a poem
you promise and you tell me lies
expect me to be so patient

messages not replied
calls mailbox-failed
and then you give excuses
the patient me will just smile
and pretend to be unbothered

i'm not referring to just one person
because many have this habit
i just don't know what to say
i guess they just don't mean it

it always ends with a smile
that"s how we go along
but the moment of wait is so agonising
i feel that you have gone.

is it wrong to just miss you
then have you ignore me like this
or ignorance is actually the issue
so let's just end this case.

i know we're all so busy
but i always make time for who cared ones
i don't want to sound so cheesy
just missing the wonderful moments.

i bet you're not going to read this
and many other people will instead
i don't care and i'll still write it
and hope they pass the message.

p/s: i hate fake promises and lies ! please, stay away from me, i wish i can Ctrl + Alt + Del you in my life. Fullstop!

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