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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bistro DéliFrance time !!!

today i should shopping baju and seluar for new sem, but then i kena jadi bodyguard utk ummi tersayang, haha. ummi duk pilih2 kain tudung, kain jubah, kain langsir and etc lah di Butik Jakel. katanyer utk persiapan raya terus. wahhhh hebat betul ummi aku planning kan, becoz of xnk kelam kabut and more efficiently nnti. hehe

and, bila dah takder kejer, ni lah aku buat. tetibe nampak cermin bnyk sgt, tambah pulak tak rmai customer, hehe. then, i try to capture myself at the mirror. and suddenly, what comes across to my mind, aku ni berisi ker tidak ? i mean, am i look fatty ? BIG question for me...HAHA

argh, i dont care whatever you want to say, haha. apa kata anda ? gemok ker tidak? hehe

then of course, next activity is makann time, hehe. okay, we went for our lunch eh not, tea time at midvalley actually, becoz of nak continue shopping handbag ummi and kasut ummi for raya. tapi perut semua lapar, jadi kami terus serbu dekat Bistro Delifrance. sebab tak tahu nak makan apa, so first time kite try makan dekat sini, hehe.

about the Bistro Délifrance. its the only French fast casual eatery chain in Asia, offering authentic and wholesome French breads, pastries, delicious hot meals and quality desserts for all-day dining. okay lets enjoy our menu, hehe

Spaghetti bolognaise - is the lighter alternative to the more traditional bolognaise made from beef or lamb. usually, i will choose these for tea time and it was average. 12.90myr

Coppuchino cold drink - am craving for this unique mixture with a cup of honey and the coppuchino itself. very tasty, u should try ! for just 7.90 myr

the garlic baguette - had garlic flavour,but the flavour was not thick enough. but the baguette were crunchy. i dipped the baguette into the chicken soup to eat, it also tasted well! hehe 5.00myr

the pastry cream of mushroom soup - cute right? the best dishes ever, it was unique, style and very delicious. yummyy. it was 8.00myr

we have a good tea time here, lepaking and chatting with ummi and along, teheee. overall, this Bistro was awesome, about the dishes, and the performance. extremely awesome ;) you all should try okay !

p/s: ummi tak habis shopping lagi, eh AIZAT pun belum shopping habis lagi jugak, hehe

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