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Thursday, January 12, 2012

ber'BBQ Ciken'

hari pertama di rumah, AIZAT dah mula bosan, haha. jadi kita mulakan dgn aktiviti makang makang. iaitu saya lunch di luar rumah, mean yg bukan masakan ummi laa, hehe. so the place that i've choosen is 'the BBQ Chicken' at Wangsa Walk mall. lunch dekat2 sajorh, hehe

okay FYI, all chicken dishes served from BBQ Chicken is cooked using 100% olive oil. now this was rather interesting since we all know olive oils are used really sparingly due to its cost, and to deep fry a chicken, BBQ Chicken had to use a lot, hence the slightly higher price. it's supposed to be really healthy oil though right. so mmg terbaik lah kan ! hehe

The Menu-claiming to be Korea's no1 Chicken restaurant ;)
Korean Charbroiled Salad 11.50MYR - the salad and the mayonnaise is a good tatse !
Jerk BBQ Chicken 15.90 for us
Iced Lemon Tea 3.90MYR- my favourite !
Golden Strip Salad 11.00MYR very vegetarian, hehe
Kochi BBQ Chicken 7.00MYR like Sattay Ayam :D
see these all the benefits of Olive Oil !

herm overall, it was an okay meal lah jugakk. one which for me tasted good but the portions were too small to really satisfy medium eaters like myself. if you happen to be shopping in Wangsa Walk Mall, and find yourself having an urge to have some good barbequed chicken, don't hesitate to try out this restaurant okayyy. sure kenyang punya !

p/s: next destination please !!!

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