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Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year resolution

2011 goes by like a flash of lightning. every good and bad events are now left as memories. its now the time for each living human being on earth to close the 2011 book and start writing in a new book entitled 2012. its time to start new and make changes in the current life we're living in. with that, this is my New Year Intention:
  • hablumminallah hablumminnas
  • study for success, DL
  • iphone4 or galaxy s2 or torch
  • collection of dslr lens
  • acer ferrari or incredible J asus or mac pro
  • my own car
  • decorating my room
  • new collection with all my stuffs
  • save more in banking and credit card
  • proudkan ummi dan ayah
drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. so these are my ultimate must do and much achieve in 2012 to become a better person. cheers to 2011 and welcome 2012. with love AIZAT.

p/s: ohh ya, am celebrating my new year eve with this movie maybe and of course with my lovely calculus book, HAHA

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