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Thursday, August 11, 2011

11th august 2011

on 11th august, Muaz will continue his study at Iowa, USA in engineering course at International class university there. we have been friends for 11years since primary school and we are neighbour too. i was like lucky and very impress because of his spirit and the success that he did, he can go overseas to excel his studies like their parents and siblings too. now u all can see from the above picture, just left the only one his sister 14th years old maybe. the other sister at washington and the eldest has work as electrical ir. at pulau pinang. so, wish u all the best Muaz at USA there!

fyi, on 11th ogos 1992 syed ahmad faisal & syed ahmad fauzy a twins couple was born. they are from JB, and this twins are very close to be in everything what their do. they are very excellent in their study and now will continue their first degree at utm. and what i've notice that, they have same hobby and surprisingly, for me is they are very talented in performing a song on stage at my college in any events was held there. these 2 brothers is very cool and mereka kembar seiras. selamat hari ulang tahun kembar!

p/s: ada lagi sepasang kembar menanti, just wait...

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