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Friday, July 22, 2011

the epic conclusion, HP

minerva mcgonagall vs severus snape-mase ni sgt cool tgk professor2 bergaduh,hehe
young harry craying-then tbe2 ad org nangis plak, touching konon!
molly weasley vs bellatrix lestrange-ini dialog plg cool pernah aku jumpe dlam HP,haha
ron weasley and hermione granger-this is what we called friendship!
professor remus lupin and nymphadora tonks- they are married right?
sirius black and lily potter-this is very touching moment
ending-such a cute family! so sweet laah kann

1. sepatutnya, longbottom pun kena kahwin dgn luna. mereka sweet okay!
2. knp draco malfoy xmati, aku benci tgk muke die start dr HP1 lg, damn!
3. part paling kelakar, spells Aresto momentum, haha. satu panggung gelak!
4. ekceli lord voldemort kena mati lebih and plg teruk dlam HP ni. kejam okay!
5. overall 4/5 sebab anak ginny xsmbg study dkat hogwarts,kah3
6. why after 19years sume maintain muda je? and mana nk download HP7 ?

p/s: actually, they should continue with another new season right, the story about Albus Severus Potter!!!

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