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Friday, June 24, 2011

let's CHILI'S our tummies ! ! !

This is the first time that I have eaten at Chili’s Grill & Bar at 1 utama. It was lunch time on a week day so it wasn’t as crowded as during the weekends. My friend and I had these dishes. The serving is really huge and I really stuffed my face with all this food. And not to mention the bottomless fruit juices (which has become very diluted now). The food here is quite nice although the meat can be quite tough at some parts.

It was a very sudden, unexpected decision and we head to Chili's and the result? Our wallet bleed T.T Suddenly feel like singing Leona Lewis: Keep Bleeding, HAHA. The food was very very delicious said the waiter (since its super expensive we force ourselves to admit its delicious !!!)

Lets me bring you to Chili's One Utama:
Welcome to Chili's ^^,

Before we start feasting! hehe Let me introduce to you Nur Aqilah Othman-it was to celebrate she's belated birthday..
i guess, kita start rapat since mase redaksi majalah sekolah dulu. so it quite long time a go, but at last we can build these relationship. terima kasih banyak-banyak sebab selalu teman aku makan sana-sini. kita tak boleh pisah ok, when i'm hungry i'll remembering you, haha. so happy birthday sister!! hehhe

next is Intan Fatin Syazwani Zainal Abidin a.k.a ifawani. my super duper sister, hehe. terima kasih lagi kerana menjadi driver kesayangan saya, setiap kali keluar wajib naik kereta peugeot dia dulu, AHHA

then, they are too excited to search for the choice of food.

Chicken Spaghetti (RM 21.95) - It combines a few of a favorite elements: creaminess, spiciness, texture, comfort, and simplicity. as well as intan, she's very simple but super hott! hehe

Grilled Salmon With Garlic & Herbs (RM 44.95) - 8 oz salmon fillet seasoned with garlic & herbs. Served with rice and seasonal veggies. qeyla ordered this, i'm sure that salmon is very delicious...right.

Crispy Honey-Chiptole Chicken Crisper (RM24.95) - Strips of chicken hand-battered then breaded and fried to perfection for the extra crispy crunch. Then topped with our spicy & smoky honey-chipotle sauce. i yang ordered this, and the reason was the dish's photo look nice -_-, hehe

this is super super super ohsem !!! HAHA *excited state

Molten Lava Cake (RM19.95) - the best desserts ever!! the ice cream melts like volcano, and the caramel is very tasteful !! you must have to order this, no big deal.

then, actually we want to sing a song HAPPY BIRTHDAY QEYLA like usop welcha HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, but fatma the leader was not here, so we just suap2 sendiri sudah lah! haha

and this is how they are feels like ohh lava ohh lava ohh lava, HAHA
*focus at intan

Lastly the bills, I know our choice of food and drink sounds normal but our total meal cost RM160.85 *gulp gulp gulp

and for reminder, never kiss chili's okayy, hehe

At last, the celebration were fun and we have a lot of fun there. Gossiping, joking around, eating and more. Happy birthday Qeyla Qilot and this is the first time i celebrate your birthday right, oh how you are lucky to have me and intan. ops not forgetting, fatma the one is our big leader, huhu.

p/s: aku dah dapat pergi chilis, tercapai sudah, HAHA. so, kau org semua mesti try jugak makan dekat Chili's Grill & Bar ini. ada di Bangsar, Klcc, Mid Valley, Subang and G Hotel Penang sahaja !!

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