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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

judy moody !

if you’re like me, you love Judy Moody, hehe. Judy’s spunky personality, dramatic flair, and astounding ability to get into and out of sticky situations always keeps me reading. err not me actually, my sisters too! One of my favorite things about Judy Moody is that she takes everything at face value. her mood ring turns black? well then she must be in a bad mood. her substitute teacher installs an “attitude tent” in the classroom? well, then Judy must find out what attitude she should adopt so she can go camping, HAHA

popular chapter book character Judy Moody created by author Megan McDonald is coming out in the movies soon! in July maybe? The Judy Moody series and her brother Stink, who has his own spin-off chapter book series, will both be showcased in this movie. i'm not sure if the movie is going to do justice to the quirky humor of the books. :) here's the official movie trailer:

p/s: i hate transformer3 because i still can't get any ticket, damn! i just waiting for HP!!

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