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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

finale GLEE

Puck, Sam, Mike and Artie perform a bella notte song by Lady and The Tramp. it was a very awesome for the sweet couple-Finn and Rachel Berry.
After everything they’ve overcome in Season 2, it has all come down to Nationals. and after making up with Rachel in the bathroom, Charice took the stage and performed a larger-than-life ‘Glee’ original tune, ‘As Long as You’re There’ for Vocal Adrenaline.
It was time for New Directions to make their first move, and Rachel and Finn dueted on the best ‘Glee’ original yet, a Finn-penned ‘Pretending,’ and the rest of the glee club took the stage behind them. At the end, we got our big unexpected kiss, as Rachel laid one on her true love and the room went completely silent and they did with an ensemble performance of their original ‘Light Up the World,’ which got a standing ovation.
Back at home, Kurt shared the details of his trip with Blaine over coffee, and Season 2 drew to a close with yet another exchange of ‘I love yous’ — but that’s not all. Sam and Mercedes found themselves in the coffee shop, too, and it’s there that we notice that they’re holding hands.

p/s: I'm really sad actually . Last two night was the season finale for the GLEE, my favorite tv series . I can say that, since a couple of months ago, it's been my favorite tv series & i never missed to watch all the episode every Tuesday night . i don't really like the ending but still, i'm glad because Finn & Rachel become a lover again which i really love to see they both being together again . even though they did not win at the National Championship Choir Competition but, for me they did a good job, singing their own song. for me, they already a winner inside everyone hearts . waa, i can't wait for the season 3 ( kalo ada lah ) . I'm pretty sure that there is a season 3 . Just wait & see !!!

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