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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BTW - born this way

about this episode, what i'm excited about is not Kurt's comeback or Lauren Zizes and Quinn's Prom Queen faceoff. yes, i'm excited about those things but not as excited as seeing and owning these Born This way / Wise Shot Shirts. they are so cute and to die for, i wanna have one of those, so far the shirts are like this:
  • Artie - "Four Eyes"
  • Brittany - "I'm With Stoopid" (Upwards Arrow) pointing herself
  • Finn - "Can't Dance"(awkward dancer)
  • Kurt - "Likes Boys"
  • Lauren - "Bad Attitude"
  • Mercedes - "No Weave!"
  • Mike - "Can't Sing"
  • Puck - "I'm With Stupid (Downwards Arrow)
  • Quinn - "Lucy Caboosey"
  • Sam - "Trouty Mouth"(Santana's Song)
  • Tina - "Brown Eyes"
  • Emma - "OCD" (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Santana- "Likes Girls"
  • RACHEL-"Nose"
  • Will-"Butt Chin"
  • Sue- "Life Ruiner" (not sure)
i don't know Rachel's shirt but if it's not great or it's not suitable for me i might go with Finn's Can't Dance Shirt or Mike's Can't Sing. i seriously lack the dancing grace and i cannot sing or even karaoke, big weakness actually.. i'm currently on the process of figuring out how to get those shirts or i might as well make them myself.

p/s: but what sould i wear? ohh, I'm shy person.

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