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Monday, May 16, 2011

my mater's convo day

last thursday, i with my friends yani and ana went to UiTM shah alam for the convocation ceremony. this is our first time joined together with others kmtj-ian such as que, shidie, saiful,din and molly. "it was a wonderful moment celebrating it with u guys" said sir razak. *sigh. how i can feels like, oh my god, thanks for give us a good and the best english lecturer ever. with all your lessons or advices, we will kept it for the guidance in our life to be with you on the graduation day soon. insyaAllah.

special gift from c1p2, a 3 bud red roses!! hope it's still freshie,HAHA
a part from c1p2 members,
from left-bedul,sir and me
at the top-ana and yani
this is how i will graduate soon,dream on laah, :D
trying to be a best clamp of these sweet couple,hehe
at last, we can have the best picture ever,how sweet is't?haha

p/s: actually this is not the last journey we have, ana,yani and ima. we should thankful to him, because of what he gave to us, a blast moment with wonderful time, we can get there. fyi, i'm still smiling till today looking at the picture at the memories on that day with Sir razak. we love you ! HAPPY TEACHERS DAY SIR AND TO ALL TEACHERS OUT THERE!!

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