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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

miss english class !

okay my name is Amir Aizat bin Jamil. i am from batu caves,gombak. i have 6 siblings and i have a twins. but our face is not same. sorry to say. hehe. my father work as a lower manager of the Siara Bina Holfing and Construction sdn. bhd. and my mother known as "ummi" work as a housewife. i like to talk or debating about common issue or even being friendly with everyone. so as introduce,called me Aizat AF! ahahah

this is called as an introduction for my first class when i come to KMTJ. it was really fun when sir comment about "the guys that wearing a blue sock while chewing the chewingum". then, everybody was looking at me,HAHA then i just stop and stare for awhile and that was me.hehe

this picture is taken when my last group presentation about our project or research. its good for us to enhance a lot of knowledge and a bit of introduction to making a thesis for master programme. thanks sir for making us being knowledgeable.
he is very sporting, understanding person, caring and sometimes lovely.haha isn't?
and this is why we have fun together. we will love you always, sir!

fyi my lecturer will be graduate tomorrow, in master of accountancy. that's suprising me! can you all imagine that he is working as a lecturer at my college,KMTJ and have a part time job at night teaching the account student at Uthm and take a part time study for master at Uitm. he is very studyholic, workaholic and shopaholic too as well as his student too.hehe so i wish i can have a blast moment with him and candit all the picture togetehr! muahaha

p/s: actually i miss to talk in front of the class, making noisy and jealousy with other classes, and group gossiping with fazliana, izni, sandra and fakhrul! miss you all so much, from the bottom heart!

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