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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

let's Nando's !

today, along ask to me for the lunch. okay i just say lets try Nando's nak ? then, my ummi said okayy,hehe. this is our first time lunch together with along, my ummi and twins too. so enjoy your meal, hehe.
Nando's restaurant at sogo, KL
Nando's Menu
Just "mild" for me! :)
peri pesto burger-RM 16.90
Pestico-4 grilled chicken wings, mini chicken thighs, olives, novo pita and 2 dips. RM 33.90
chicken pita for RM14.90
1/4 Chicken with Mediterranean Rice & Peri Potato Salad-RM 15.25
Nando's Different Sauces
The 4 flavours of chicken that they had.

Well i ordered "Petisco" since all of the staff recommend that and for main we ordered the "1/4 Chicken with Mediterranean Rice & Peri Potato Salad" , "Chicken Pita" and "Peri Pesto Burger" and the waitress was like give that look and "oh ok " well dunno is it me think too much , or is like she is like giving us the " so you guys knows how to order the most expensive items" Duhzh ... as if we are cheapo like that !!! Well the reasons why we order those are becos this is our first time and really like it ! Well the food taste nice of cos , as well as the Peri Peri sauces !!!

p/s: other then those , i had to admit , my fav is still Petisco ! and thanks once again for the wonderful lunch with along ! Nando's !!! ( tapi kteorng still lapar lagi, siap beli Mcd chicken lg, pkai voucher buy 1 free 1 tuu, HAHA )
*thanks google images

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