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Friday, May 06, 2011

give me more FRIDAYS.

okay ini pesanan dari penaja.nak buat iklan promo jap.haa tahu tak T.G.I Fridays ni apa? restoren anatarabangsa yg mcm sesuai utk casual dining and etc.alah mcm Carl's Junior jugak. kedai nih famous dgn mknan2 segar and mouthwatering American classic, mcm burger-burger and desserts-desserts yang sangat2 lazat dan sedapp! marbeles gacuuu

restoren kaya ni ada kat Pavy, OU, Sunway and dengar2 dorunk nk bkak cwngan baru dkat Alamanda Putrajay. haa siti rahimah, you boleh bwak bonda you pergi situ hari ahad ni,okayy.

so, this is the T.G.I. Friday's Mother's Day Promo..

What're you guys doing for your mums this Sunday? Whether or not you've got plans, you've gotta check out our Mothers' Day promo.

1. Take your mum out for a great thank-you-for-being-so-awesome meal and get a discount on her main dish according to her age!

2. First 50 mums to hit our outlets this Sunday also get a body / nail pampering session at Amante Nail Spa + Body Care. Now that's our way of saying thanks to all the amazing mums in Malaysia ;)

p/s: ummi saye nak honeymoon kat langkawi weekend ni,menggatal kann?HEHE. *jealous

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