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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

bangkok house.

you do not necessarily have to travel to Bangkok to satisfy your taste for Thai cuisine as Bangkok House in Petaling Jaya,okay. aims to bring in the authentic flavours of the Land of Smiles,hahaha.

Bangkok House general manager Farah Hassan(islam okay), who is of part Thai parentage, hopes to provide authentic Thai cuisine to customers.that means the spicy dishes will have a fiery kick.woah!!

so enjoy your meal,hehe

cold weather permits hot & spicy food. Slurppp.
the interior of Bangkok House is very different from other Thai restaurants – instead of incandescent lighting, they brightened the place with white lights, ceiling & walls.

The Thai Spicy Seafood Tomyam (Tomyam in thick soup with roasted chili paste)@RM 12.00(s)
Siakap tiga rasa
The mango salad or kerabu manga
Kung Choob Paeng Thod(Tempura prawn)@ RM15.00 (s)
Pla Neng Boi(Steamed 'Slakap' Fish with Soya Sauce)@ RM25 (m)

Kana Plakhem('Kailan' with salted fish)@RM10.00 (s)
Kangkung Belacan
Black pepper beef
Lod-Chong(Thai Cendol)@ RM5.00

overall, the food here reminds me of the food that you can find on the streets of Bangkok - delicious, flavorful and definitely memorable. i would recommend Bangkok House to everyone!

p/s: i’ll definitely return here to try other dishes. like Pad Thai and Thai Tea. Mmmm.
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