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Sunday, February 13, 2011

men are collectors,women are shopaholics

siapa setuju angkat tangan mcm USOP,haha.
last year i pernah baca novel "Confessions of a Shopaholic " by Sophie Kinsella. filem ni pon diadaptasi dri siri novel die laah.dan novel2 die sangat-sangat laah best dan seronok!!

rebecca,penagih belanja yang tinggal dengan temannya baik die, Suze.dia bkerja as a journalist for a gardening.tapi die berangan nak join the fashion magazine die pon pegi laah interview dgn mjlah Alette tu, then she buys a green scarf. credit card die kne tolak, so start lar citer dye smpi die dpatkan scarf tu.

then.after reading the summary of the 10 major principles in the novel:

1. Shopaholics are women (and very, very small part of the men) of the nature,

2. Only your close friend can accept your unconditionally shopper desire. But she will give you a suitable guide.

3. If a man without elegant dress up, It didn't mean he has no grade, cause he can also taste you PRADA.haha

4. if debt collection, You'd better not tell others that the Debt collection is you ex-boyfriend, after broke up the track you and has been unwilling to let go of you.

5. when you hate the woman with tall and thin legs, you can say: put her on the frame where it needs to make more out of part of leg amputated.HAHA

6. If you really seriously reduce SHOPPING times for men, you are mostly in love with him,hehe

7. men will love you when you make a fool even if the jacket torn left lung power shortage Tube Top Dress article, the man's suit will certainly dressed in your shoulder, then in addition to things along the KISS, What else?haha

8. less to do quiet conscience (such as maxed out credit card accounts and chase by others), because to fame, they will be exposed (such as female stars of the ** gate events)

9. parents will always be the warmest and unconditional Harbor, when men ignore you, lucky child can get on with all the belongings to buy car travel healing. There is a deeply moved me, Dad said I could sell the car to help pay for you debit, women said it defines you (to say the car is equipped with you), the results Dad take it lightly that Nothing defines me expect you and your mom, so moved here.hehe

10. Only self-sufficient can save themselves, and more old fashioned truth. Care of the household father: children, how many billion owed the United States can proudly stand tall, you can survive it!! I can only smile with tears in my eyes extremely to see female controls of the big sale. But in the end of the last, when care of the household debt-free when the love is also lucky with its green scarves to the YSL shop front.HAHA

p/s:so,these has tell us 10th truth kann.mmg patut laah perempuan lg kuat shooping dari laki.HAHA

jgn lupe beli skarf hijau,maybe its can bring good luck,hehe

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