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Friday, February 04, 2011

just a poem

It seems as though time is reliving itself..
And im standing here hurting.
Watching as the man i love,
slowly falls away.
it srikes me down, in everyway possible,
Sneaking up like a shadow.
i never would know when it would hit me.
As i slowly look at myself in the mirror.
Observing every flaw.
I realized....
that nothing about me is perfect,
So how could someone love me.
They couldnt,
Cause inside its the same thing,
So many flaws,
so much guilt and hate..
So much pain..
Sometimes i even think that i would be better off dead...
But it would solve anything the pain would just continue...
To haunt me...
And there wouldnt be anything i could do..
Im sorry babe...
That i fell in love with you............

p/s: i think i just like one boy sang by Aizat Amdan.fullstop;

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