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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

the CRS vs MB

okay masa untuk mengomel-ngomel.HAHA
pada minggu lepas kan,i ad mkan dkat satu tempat @Marry Brown.
tak pernah makan lngsng kat situ,so kene lah try jugak.

erm,menu di MarryBrown xbnyk sgt kot.mybe sbb dkat mcm jauh dr bandar kan,haha
ini jelah menu yg i try mkan kat sane,mcm menyelerakan utk berlunch pd mse tu,

Nasi Ayam MB combo
siap ada papadom lagi tau,haha

then let me show you what i had for dinner last week.yes, nothing beats chicken rice from the famous The Chicken Rice Shop. i guess this is the only chicken rice operator with an online presence. heard there is a very famous chicken rice stall in Kajang (behind the Kajang wet market), but i doubt they have a website, maybe they don’t even know how to surf the web.

okay lets go to the menu here,
Chicken Braised and Steamed
Pai Tee and Ipoh Bean Sprouts

guys, according to Wikipedia, up to now there are a total of 24 outlets in the Peninsular Malaysia (excluded Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan). So, next time you know where to go for the best chicken rice already.

p/s: pegi lah the chicken rice shop skrng.BUKAN SEKADAR NASI AYAM!!

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