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Sunday, January 23, 2011

so called plastic!

Dear readers, there are 2 types of people in this world. First type are the ones who kenang budi sampai mati. Second are those yg tak kenang budi langsung. Wait,correction. dorunk kenang budi tuh, but bwat2 lupe je.
for the the first type, syabas u terbaik laah!!

For the second type, here comes my lenghty reply.i hav had this type of people all around me my entire life. from school to university.the whole 6 mile.the thing is…what’s f***ing insane is that we tend to feel bad when orang tuh yang tak kenang budi. Why is that ek? for me senang je. lets called (pelastik), my advice to u is, feel nothing for (pelastik). bcoz u must always remember orang tak kenang budi nie selalunya has a worst tide to them. ap yg u nampak is just the surface best advice is to stay clear from people like this(pelastik), for me simple je. since i nie mulut nak mcm jahat, i akan kasik hentam kaw-kaw je. i will reverse the tables. i will give (pelastik) the cold shoulder and i will show (pelastik) my muka gampang2 gitu,HAHA.

Next,we can play the same game. u just have to show (pelastik) who make play it better. it’s clear (pelastik) is pretending at kolej or university to be all nice and all. the truth is (pelastik's) not. simple kann.

My point will always be, people like that(pelastik) don’t deserve people like u. me…i’m always struggling to find true friends. the ones around me are always pretentious. hope i’m not stepping on any ones’ shoes here. i have a handful of great friends whom i can name here 1 by 1. my life has always been about putting others first. time and time again i have been stepped on and shoved to the side. no matter what good i do, people always seem unappreciative or salah faham my intentions.u seem like a great friend to have. and if (pelastik) can’t appreciate that, please i ask that u to let it go. don’t upset yourself over some f***ed person. orang macam nie…orang lain memang tak nampak salah silap dia coz dia cam baik, alim, solat n etc. orang selalu lupa yang gambaran luaran hanya menggambarkan luaran semata-mata. dalam tuh takde siapa tau,u.

Don’t stress out. chill a little ok. u lose 1 friend you’ll gain 2 friends.f*** it. u tak payah nak berlakon baik and try hard just becoz (pelastik). tak penting pon orang camtuh. yg penting, ur family and ur true friends (without pelastik). sejauh mana pon die nak pergi kalo orang buat baik kat die tapi die balas ngan taik?? i know u feel hurt coz (pelastik) kindda like stole ur friend from u kann. but,tu pon kawan kah? kalo kawan…(pelastik) won’t do that. knowing u have confided in (pelastik) and trusted (pelastik), (pelastik) wouldn’t push you aside if (pelastik) was a true friend. which means die bukann lah kan.

p/s: jadiknya pendek kata…hapuskanlah nyamuk dengan Ridsect!bitches will always tend to be attracted bitches. let them flock together. u lose nothing when you don’t associate yourself with them.and for those pelastik2 yg terasa,sorry lah u bkan taste i,HAHA

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