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Friday, January 28, 2011

any sane person loves chocolate.

pernah mamam ferrero rondnoir tak?
so apa rase die ea?mesti laah sedapp kann.
so i want to share with u khasiat FR nih,

kelebihans: it is nice packed and in big offer.lebih power dari Ferrero Rocher
kekurangan: small pieces of chocolate flake off even as you unwrap the foil.slurp2

About Ferrero:
Ferrero is an Italian manufacturer of chocolate and other confectionery products. It was founded by confectioner Pietro Ferrero in 1946. As a family business it is based in Italy, but has high reputation around the world. Their most famous and popular products are Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. Ferrero Rondnoir is a name for the dark chocolate version which contains a pearl of dark chocolate in the centre instead of a hazelnut, chocolate cream instead of Nutella and crunchy chocolate bits instead of crushed hazelnuts.

The ingredients:
There is a brief information about the product. It is a fine chocolate covered speciality with a smooth dark chocolate centre in which there are fine chocolate (41%), sugar, vegetable oil, whey powder, wheat flour, fat-reduced cocoa (5.5%), whole milk powder, starch, emulsifier, milk proteins, raising agents (ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate), skimmed milk powder, vanillin, salt. May contain traces of hazelnuts.

The taste:
Opening the box you can see 12 chocolates that is individually wrapped in a dark brown coloured foil and set inside a little paper tray with four rows. Unwrapping the chocolate you can see they are covered in lots of tiny pieces of dark chocolate. Once biting in one you will firstly notice it is crispy crunchy. The little ball of dark chocolate is smooth, but not bitter. In opposite you can taste strong sweet from the chocolate cream.

p/s: it’s not as great as Ferrero Rocher laah for me.kann2
mmg special utk i sorang,HAHA
lasltly,thanks for the sweet FR!!

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